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VFX breakdown

I have had the absolute privilege of being able to work with my best mate for the last five or so years. His name is Lee Watson and if you've turned your TV on at any point in the last few years then you'll probably have seen something that Lee has worked on. He is a VFX wizard. Lee has always pushed me to write beyond real life. He has challenged me to make films that you would expect to deliver only on a Hollywood budget. I give him subtle and intelligent and he asks if we can put a dragon into the story. Quirky comedy? Not without flying robots. Okay so perhaps I'm exaggerating slightly but he has given me free range to write anything I like safe in the knowledge that he can probably find a way to make it happen.

Until I write Dragons Vs Flying Robots (c) here is a VFX showreel for my film STAY and all the glorious VFX work that Lee has done to make my vision come to life.

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