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Indie Filmmaking

I thought I would start a blog about my experiences in Independant Filmmaking. I have been making films since 2007 but being a creative and figuring I didn't have much to offer I have waited until this point to share something online.

So what changed? Well over the last two years I have made an incredibly adventurous short film shooting across four seasons. This has meant patience has become my companion and inventiveness has become a nessesity to complete in budget.

This very short introduction is to simply breakdown exactly what I hope to achieve with this blog. Firstly as all Indie Filmmakers working with low/no budgets I want to shine a light on this film so as many people as possible become interested. After all, what is a film without an audience? Secondly I think that the techiques employed, locations used and general 'how-we-done-it' will be of interest.

On a micro budget we have shot underwater, we have created snow from scratch, we have told a story of one man spanning eighty years and shot in all four seasons.

I am going to talk through each stage of production sharing stories, photos and videos hoping that it might capture your imagination and inspire fellow filmmakers just to get out there and make a film.

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