As well as knowing one German word, Ben also writes and directs comedy.

Talk Radio stars Julia Deakin, Pearce Quigley and Tim Key.


Angry Quiz Guy is an online sitcom starring Nick Helm, Rachel Stubbings, Amit Shah, Katie Pritchard, Briony Redman, Jessica Chamberlain, Paul Sangam, Nicole-Louise Lewis and Richard Soames.  

Quiet Carriage stars Amit Shah and Emma Sidi.


You can watch the entire series here


Bloody funny films

Talk Radio - Final poster BEN.jpg

Fig 1. Quiet Carriage has screened at LOCO, Aesthetica, Encounters, Norwich, LA Shorts and London Short Film Festival. 

Fig 1.1 Latest short Talk Radio begins its festival journey summer 2020.


Fig 1.2 Male Director mansplaining childbirth to female actress and woman Emma Sidi. 

Talk Radio - BTS (28 of 147).JPG

Fig 1.3 Comedy directors are ALWAYS happy on set.