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March 29, 2016

Recently, a good friend and regular collaborator Tweeted something that got me thinking. His declaration was that he was doing the 6am challenge. He'd read an article somewhere that suggested that humans are programmed to do certain things and act in certain ways. Soci...

March 24, 2016

I wanted to share my thoughts on Producers. What they do and why you should try and find them. As an Indie Filmmaker you have to wear a lot of hats. Some filmmakers are also cinematographers, composers, sound designers and of course producers. So being an indie filmmak...

March 21, 2016

As an indie filmmaker it often feels like you're juggling multiple roles. This is, of course, true. When you start out you don't have the benefit of a Hollywood sized crew. You don't have access to a 1st AD, Gaffa, Spark, Key Grip or Best Boy. Let alone have any idea w...

March 17, 2016

When you're working with a minimal budget and self financing a project it can be very difficult to make something that appears to have a high production value. Especially when you're planning a WW2 battle sequence. I wanted to break down different elements, from my own...

March 14, 2016

On Saturday 12th March, 2016, in Omaha, Nebraska, my short film, STAY, had it's World Premiere. It's a big deal for a filmmaker to have their film screened in front of an audience but sitting here in my shed in Sutton, some 4,500 miles away, dunking a digestive biscuit...

March 10, 2016

Recently I had two scripts through to the final of the Create 50: The Impact writing competition. It's a Chris Jones initiative that brings creatives together to collaborate on something special. The competition got me thinking about the benefits of these competitions...

March 7, 2016

Being an independent filmmaker sometimes means you have to think on your feet and improvise in order to maintain your original vision for a project. I wrote an entire scene underwater without really thinking too much about how I was going to shoot. When preproduction b...

March 3, 2016

I've never been confortable calling myself a writer. It's not that I don't like write. I love writing. I love the whole processing of telling a story. I suppose when it comes down to it and when people ask me what my favourite part about the filmmaking process is, I'm...

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Domestic Violence against men

February 26, 2016

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